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Applied Speciation and Consulting, LLC is a superior analytical testing and consulting laboratory providing trace metals speciation and ultra trace metals analysis for the environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and research community. ASC merges sound business practices with leading edge science to provide economically viable solutions when absolute certainty is needed. Laboratory services provided at ASC support all aspects of a project. Initial investigations for most projects apply trace metals analysis to identify the existence and scope of the contamination. Once the scope of contamination is identified useful tools such as speciation, sequential extractions, and organic/inorganic trace metals analyses clarify risk assessment and mobility to identify if remediation is necessary and what measures would be most efficient. Information generated from speciation and other investigative analyses assist in the optimization of bench scale studies prior to implementation and can also identify issues involved with pilot plant efficiencies. ASC empowers our clients with knowledge to make science-based decisions to save time and money.  

Applied Speciation and Consulting, LLC was recently formed in 2004 as a Washington based limited liability company to meet the current and future scientific needs of the commercial, industrial and academic world. Currently, no known laboratories exist in North America specializing in metal(loid) speciation analyses and consulting, resulting in haphazard method application and a lack of focus for science. By concentrating our experience, education, and efforts on metals speciation and consulting, Applied Speciation and Consulting, LLC has the capability to offer services unavailable by any other commercially available laboratory.

The success of Applied Speciation and Consulting, LLC is defined by our low overhead and extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Currently, management is driven by two individuals, Russell Gerads (Vice President) and Dr. Hakan Gürleyük (Senior Scientist). Mr. Gerads and Dr. Gürleyük have over 18 years of combined experience in the industry.

If you have any questions regarding services or would like a quotation, please feel free to email us at info@appliedspeciation.com or call (206) 219 3779.

Feel free to visit our website on a regular basis as we will be providing scientific discussions and useful links to save you time and money.

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